MTN Global Yello Care Day: Drugs and violence amongst youths in Cameroon at the centre of discussions at the National Assembly

The CEO of MTN Cameroon led a powerful delegation to the National Assembly on the occasion of the conference-debate organized by the company on Thursday, 20 June  2019, under the theme “Drugs and violence amongst youths in Cameroon”.

Chaired by the Right Honourable Cavaye Yeguie Djibril, Speaker of the National Assembly, this action falls within the framework of our 21 Days of Yello Care social programme, notably the MTN Global Yello Care Day, which focuses on the causes that affect youths. In total, 300 social stakeholders (pupils, students, young MPs, parents, teachers, etc.) will participate in the activities led by experts, who will facilitate the various discussion panels. Through this meeting, MTN Cameroon intends to contribute to the various ongoing initiatives promoted at the highest level of the State by the President of the Republic, who has created an Inter-Ministerial Committee against the cultivation, marketing and consumption of narcotics.

The Ministries of Posts and Telecommunications, Secondary Education, Public Health, Social Affairs, Youth and Civic Education among others, took part in the deliberations as partners of the event.​

This event also includes the organization of a hackathon, application development competition, which will allow young developers representing several universities and higher education institutions to demonstrate their creative ingenuity in the field of digital innovation for the benefit of our youth.

Samuel Eto’o Fils, #YelloCare Ambassador

The N° 9 shirted star was in Essengue, Douala, on Tuesday 12 June to contribute to the construction of the digital trades training centre for the disabled and disadvantaged children. Turning concrete, carrying sand and transporting moulded blocks, the international striker upon his arrival quickly joined the team of MTN Cameroon employees on site to sustainably change lives. And just as on a football pitch, he rapidly flexed his muscles and got to work, but this time, at the service of the needy.

During his time at the Essengue 21 Days of Y’ello Care site, Cameroon’s legendary footballer, Samuel Eto’o Fils boosted the morale of the team and insisted on the importance of responding to a call from the heart to give back a smile to the communities. His demonstration of solidarity for such a laudable cause is commendable and a clarion call to all.


#YelloCare: A very fulfilling second week at the service of communities

MTNers are tireless and they are above all united on worthy causes. Those supported within the context of 21 Days of Y’ello Care this year are amazed by their energy and drive as perfectly illustrated by the second week of the annual staff volunteerism programme. From 03 to 08 June, employees made the necessary efforts to step up the progress level of the activities which commenced Nationwide on the 1st of June.

In Douala, the building that will host the digital trades training centre for the disabled and disadvantaged children is already very visible. The “Bobine d’Or” social care centre in Yaounde is also getting a facelift in order to provide young disabled learners who spend long hours there on a daily basis, a more attractive and accommodating environment. Beneficiaries in the North, West, Far North, East and South-West Regions where MTNers are resolutely committed to change lives were not left out of this caring movement which is positively and sustainably transforming their lives.

Together, we make a difference!

#YelloCare 2019: Creating a Brighter Future for our Youth

On Saturday, 1 June 2019, hundreds of MTNers and volunteers in Cameroon launched the 13th edition of the company’s annual staff volunteerism program ‘21 Days of Y’ello Care’ under the theme “Creating a Brighter Future for our Youth”.

From 1-21 June, MTN staff in Cameroon have chosen to realize several projects Nationwide that will benefit the youths, particularly those with disabilities, and address the problem of drug abuse which is today a national priority area by Government.

The first project which seeks to empower persons with disabilities will result in the construction of a modern multidisciplinary skills enhancement training center for trades based on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) at Essengue, Douala for vulnerable youths in support of the association “Donnons-nous la main”. This facility will be used for the training of handicapped persons on various jobs such as Office automation, Infographics, Video development, Community management etc. to enable them to be gainfully employed and fend for themselves with dignity. Several other associations working with people with disabilities will be supported by MTNers Nationwide such as:

  • ISDA, a specialized Institute for the hard of hearing, Garoua, North region
  • “L’Excellence de Sabongari” training centre, Ngaoundere, Adamawa region
  • Ferme Ecole de Kaigama, Bertoua, East region
  • Blessing Associates for Women and Children, Kumba, South-West region
  • MOHCAM Mother of Hope Cameroon, Bamenda, North-West region
  • Maison St Damien Et Camille De Bafoussam, Bafoussam, West region
  • Centre Adaima Kalkal, Maroua, Far North region
  • Centre social Bobine d’Or, Yaounde, Centre region

Commenting on the Y’ello Care program, MTN Cameroon CEO, Hendrik Kasteel, states that: “As a future-focused organization, MTN instituted the 21 Days of Y’ello Care program as far back as 2007 to provide employees with a platform to make a sustainable difference in the lives of members of our communities on an annual basis above and beyond the activities of our Foundation and the work we do daily to provide simple, accessible and affordable solutions to millions of people and businesses. Since we believe at MTN that everyone deserves the benefits of a modern connected life, the 21 Days program has become a revered rendez-vous; giving back is part of our DNA! We’re passionate about our 2019 projects and truly hope that they’ll add value to the lives of the beneficiaries. In addition, by focusing on the ills of drug abuse which is plaguing our society, we want to support Government’s laudable actions in this domain and further enlighten the youths, tomorrow’s leaders, on the negative effect of this vice, not only to themselves, but their family, communities and the Nation”.

The 2019 program will climax on 20 June, which has been dubbed “MTN Day” with a conference to raise national awareness on the ills of drug abuse by the youths. This event will also include the organization in Cameroon of a hackathon, an application development challenge, which will enable young developers representing several Universities and institutions of higher learning to showcase their creative ingenuity in the domain of digital innovation at the