21 Days of Yello Care: The Y’ello Career Day crowns the programme

The closing ceremony of the 12th edition of the MTN Cameroon 21 Days of Yello Care programme took place on Thursday, 21 June at the amphitheater of the Faculty of Industrial Engineering of the University of Douala situated at the PK 16 neighborhood. For 21 days, MTNers realized 3 projects to enable them to offer a bright future to Cameroonian youths, by providing them tools that can ease their insertion in the professional world and digital economy under the theme “Youth Empowerment”.

On 21 June, close to 2000 young learners and lecturers converged to participate at the first ever Y’ello Career Day organized by MTN. The event provided the Company an opportunity to present the various trades in the digital world that students can aspire to once they finish their studies. The eager crowd was also privileged to have very rich exchanges with experts and professionals who, in addition to showcasing various career opportunities in the Information and Communications Technology space, shared their rich experience in various domains of activity.

Talking during the event, MTN Cameroon’s General Manager Human Resources, Victor Oben, stated that “The problem of employment and academic orientation of the youths is increasing in Cameroon. We do not in any way claim, through organizing this forum, to solve these issues. Our objective is to concretize our willingness and engagement for the youths by providing them with the keys to build their future.  This, because we are aware of the indispensable role of the private sector in the development process of Cameroon. For you, the youths, this Day is an unprecedented opportunity to discover the possibilities which the trades of the telecoms sector offer in this era of digital economy and digitalization.  Our objective is to provide you with the keys that will enable you to open the doors to your future as employees or entrepreneurs in the new digital world. The various sessions, workshops and stands will enable you to live the reality of the trades offered by the telecoms sector, their evolution and ongoing transformations. Therefore, classical marketing is henceforth intuitive and smart thanks to digitalization; telecoms and networks engineering trades are disruptive, to align with the speed of transformation; e-commerce and online payments are providing new employment opportunities, and clients, at the center of our activity, lead us to be more innovative and creative to the highest extent possible”.

The Regional Delegate of the Telecommunications Regulatory Board for Littoral, South West, North & West regions, Mr. Jean-Marie Noah, on his part, in addition to presenting the regulatory framework that governs the sector in Cameroon, enlightened the audience on digital communications Regulatory careers.

Equally, the students learnt that working for an organization like MTN is not the only career option they have upon graduation; it is possible to create a successful start-up and become a digital entrepreneur like Nino NJOKPOU, founder of Kerawa.com, who graced the event with his presence. Created in 2009, and merged with Afrimalin S.A. (a pan-African group based in Luxemburg) in 2018, Kerawa.com has +450.000 announcements on the site, +1/2 million visitors monthly and +50.000 downloads on Google Playstore.

Another key take-away for the students from this interactive conversation was the importance of being an avid learner if you want to have a successful career in the ever-evolving digital space. This was explicitly demonstrated by several MTNers from different functions who presented on how the needs of customers can be transformed into products, technological evolutions and how they affect the way we make money and sell.


A hero’s welcome for the Faculty of Industrial Engineering’s Hackathon Representatives

The team of five young developers from the Faculty of Industrial Engineering of the University of Douala who came second in the #YelloCare Hackathon that took place from 16-17 June at GICAM were presented to their schoolmates, lecturers and other students during the Y’ello Career Day. Their project: payment of toll gate charges with Mobile Money, aims at reducing the time spent by drivers at the toll gates throughout the country, securitizing revenue and ensuring its traceability in real time was applauded. Another specificity of the project by this Faculty is that, other types of activities can function on their platform.


A Job Fair to Showcase Telecoms Specialities

The objective of the “Y’ello Career Day” was to present students with the various employment opportunities offered by the telecoms sector. This, the Company did successfully.

In addition to rich exposés and exchanges, MTN departmental and partner stands on the Job Fair grounds at the University of Douala enabled to learners to translate theory they learnt in the amphitheatre into practice. MTNers happily introduced them to different specialities such as Information Technologies, Information Systems, Human Resources, Telecoms Networks, Marketing, Customer Relations, etc. Live demos and information on Huawei and MTN products and services were also readily available.


Telecommunications Equipment to translate theory into reality

On the sideline of the Y’ello Career Day, MTN Cameroon handed over a significant donation of telecommunications equipment to several university institutions such as the Faculty of Industrial Engineering (FGI) of the University of Douala, The University Institute of Technology (UIT) of Maroua, and the National Advanced School of Posts, Telecommunications and Information and Communication Technologies (SUP’PTIC), Yaounde. These equipment (Base Station Controllers, Mobile Switching Centers, Mobile Switching Servers/Media Gateways, and other technical equipment) withdrawn from the workshops of MTN Cameroon and assessed at hundreds of millions of francs CFA, to enable the beneficiary students to better familiarize with the realities of telecoms trades beyond theoretical lessons.

MTNC’s GM Human Resources symbolically handed over the material destined to the Faculty of Industrial Engineering to Prof. Ndinda Joseph, Technical Advisor to the Rector of the University of Douala and the Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Robert Nzengwa, in presence of administrative authorities and teaching staff.

Prior to this handover ceremony, University students were trained on 20 June 2018 on the use of the donated equipment by MTNers to ensure that they benefit fully from this donation.


A mini-concert to end the day in style

The Y’ello Career Day ended on a high note. For several hours, young artists such as DJ Bobby, Switt, Bradley Elame and Samantha, Featurist, and Monny Eka thrilled the youth and showcased their talent.


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