#YelloCare 2018

In 2018, MTN Cameroon further invested in Inclusive Education, with a decisive impact on the lives of thousands of young students in Cameroon. The new orientation taken by MTN Group for the 2018 YelloCare programme gave MTN Cameroon staff the opportunity to invest in Youth Empowerment and creatively integrate a more digital scope into their social initiatives which focused on the capacity building of students in telecommunications.

They also organized a hackathon, an applications development challenge under the theme “Integration of mobile payments in applications”, which enabled 35 young developers representing 7 Universities and institutions of higher learning from the cities of Buea, Douala and Yaounde to showcase their creative ingenuity in the domain of digital innovation.  The College of Technology, University of Buea students were crowned as winners of this innovative developer challenge for their registration, tuition and fees payment solution, and are currently undergoing an incubation programme within MTN Cameroon.

Each employee was equally invited to sponsor at least 21 people in the adoption and use of mobile money as means of payment. This enable to sensitize members of the community on the importance of digital economy.

On 21 June 2018, MTN employees organized the very first edition of Y’ello Career Day in Cameroon at the Faculty of Industrial Engineering of the University of Douala at PK 16. Over 1000 youths were granted the opportunity of visiting a job fare where MTN and its partners presented on the multiple organisations and specialities such as Information Technologies, Information Systems, Human Resources, Telecoms Networks, Marketing, Customer Relations, etc. Several international experts also advised the youths and guided them on the choices which will determine their future professional careers in the new job world.

On the sideline of the Y’ello Career Day, MTN Cameroon handed over a significant donation of telecommunications equipment to several university institutions such as the Faculty of Industrial Engineering of the University of Douala (FGI), The University Institute of Technology (UIT) of Maroua, and the National Advanced Schools of Posts and Telecommunications as well as Journalism and Mass Communication, (SUP’PTIC), Yaounde. These equipment (Base Station Controllers, Mobile Switching Centers, Mobile Switching Servers/Media Gateways, and other technical equipment) withdrawn from the workshops of MTN Cameroon and assessed at hundreds of millions of francs CFA, will enable the beneficiary students to better familiarise with the realities of telecoms trades beyond theoretical lessons.

The Y’ello Career Day closed three weeks of intense voluntary activities carried out by employees of MTN Cameroon who sought to bridge the digital gap and improve the skills of youths who make up MTN’s human capital.

For 21 Days, employees across the national territory, supported by volunteers from other organizations, media professionals and associations, our communities etc. spontaneously headed MTN’s call and contributed to the success of the staff volunteer programme in meaningful ways.