#YelloCare Hackathon: And the winner is…

Sunday, 17 June 2018 was particularly charged with energy and anticipation. Students from seven universities and institutions of higher learning, namely, the Faculty of Industrial Engineering (University of Douala), ISEM- IBCG Akwa-Douala, “Institut Universitaire de la Côte”, Logbessou-Douala, “Institut Universitaire du Golfe”, Akwa-Douala, University Institute of Technology, University of Douala, College of Technology, University of Buea, and National Advanced School of Posts, Telecommunications and Information and Communication Technologies (SUP’PTIC), Yaounde, had the arduous task of presenting their work to the MTN Cameroon 2018 #YelloCare Hackathon jury. This, after several hours of teamwork with little sleep and coaching from their designated professional mentors.

Each team had just 15 minutes to convince the 6-person jury that their prototype deserved to win the first prize. Composed of 5 competitors each, they were assessed on the technical feasibility, economic viability and customer experience of the proposed solution which is supposed to ease the integration of payments via Mobile Money on websites.

Interesting, captivating and varied presentations from young Cameroonian developers showcased the potential and untapped talent that exists within the country to thrust the digital economy to the next level. The work by the students covered a range of services such as the facilitation of the payment of toll gate by road users, event management, garbage management, e-commerce, easy payment of registration, tuition and examination fees, sale of academic papers online, and the facilitation of medical consultations by patients.

Following their deliberations, the judges crowned the College of Technology, University of Buea students as winners of this innovative developer challenge for their registration, tuition and fees payment solution. Their award was handed over to them by MTN Cameroon’s Chief Information Officer, Shoyinka Shodunke to a thundering round of applause and standing ovation from everyone present for this monumental event.

The second prize went to the Faculty of Industrial Engineering (University of Douala) for their toll gate solution and the third prize was awarded to the National Advanced School of Posts, Telecommunications and Information and Communication Technologies (SUP’PTIC), Yaounde for their e-commerce solution. Each of the 35 contestants received a personalized certificate of participation from MTN Cameroon.

#YelloCare H@ckathon: Youth empowerment through education

From 16-17 June, MTN Cameroon is gathering 35 young developers representing 7 Universities and institutions of higher learning from the cities of Buea, Douala and Yaounde, around a hackathon under the theme “Integration of mobile payments in applications” at GICAM (Cameroon Employers Union) in Douala.

Launching the event on 16 June, MTN Cameroon’s Chief Information Officer (CIO), Shoyinka Shodunke, stated that he was excited to see what the students would role out using the Mobile Money API. He also encouraged them to make the best of the opportunity and benefit from the expertise of those present to mentor them throughout the 2-day programme. The young developers were invited to think out of the box, be creative, have an open and positive attitude as they delve into MTN Cameroon’s digital world and discover the opportunities that exist for their personal growth and empowerment.

Before the competition commenced, the students were drilled on the importance of integrating the highest levels of security protocols into their work and the impact of security breeches to them as developers, but also to those who would use their applications.

The winners will be known on 17 June following presentations by the various teams to members of the jury of their prototypes to ease the integration of payments through Mobile Money on websites.

Together, we are creating a brighter future!

#YelloCare H@ckathon to boost innovation by the youths

On June 16 and 17, MTN Cameroon will gather at GICAM (Cameroon Employers Union), young developers around a hackathon which seeks to identify talents and promote innovation through the conception of bright ideas and showcasing their skills.

This hackathon which falls under the 21 Days of Y’ello Care programme with the theme “Creating a Brighter Future”, sheds light on the capacity building of youths in the new digital world. Overall, 7 teams of 5 persons each shall participate in the competition deployed under the theme “Integration of mobile payments in applications”. For two days, participants will carry out mobile money coding. They shall be technically managed by 7 mentors, who will assist them throughout the challenge. This will be an opportunity for them to live the reality of Mobile Money, innovative service highly appreciated by MTN subscribers. After the exercises, each team will present to members of the jury a prototype to ease the integration of payments via Mobile Money on websites. Thereafter, the candidates shall be assessed on the technical feasibility, economic viability and customer experience of the proposed solution.

Prior to the competition, the hackathon terms and rules were presented to the 35 competitors, all from universities and higher institutions of learning in the cities of Douala, Yaounde and Buea notably:

1. The Faculty of Industrial Engineering (University of Douala),
2. ISEM- IBCG Akwa-Douala,
3. “Institut Universitaire de la Côte”, Logbessou-Douala,
4. “Institut Universitaire du Golfe”, Akwa-Douala,
5. University Institute of Technology, University of Douala,
6. College of Technology, University of Buea,
7. The National Advanced School of Posts, Telecommunications and Information and Communication Technologies (SUP’PTIC), Yaounde.

The MTN head office hosted the meeting between the participants, project team and organisation committee of the 21 Days of Y’ello Care programme. The interactive discussions testified the enthusiasm and excitement of the young developers to illustrate their genius.

Through this initiative, MTN Cameroon indicates its determination to affirm itself in the new digital world, and remain resilient in this world of full technological transformation.

The project retained after the hackathon shall be nurtured in the subsequent months through customized support. Once this phase is completed, the company could adopt the solution.

The dice is cast.
Innovate/Create /Develop… May the best team win!!!

MTN Cameroon staff mobilized for the second weekend of 21 Days of Y’ello Care

Kribi, Maroua, Kousséri, Buea, Bamenda, Bertoua, Douala, Yaounde…in all the regions of the country, MTNers once more massively showcased their solidarity with the communities. Resolutely engaged to empower the youths and democratize the new digital world, they did not spare any physical, material or financial effort to assist people of all walks of life.

Fetching of water, sweeping and shampooing of the floor, cleaning of walls, brushing of pavements, clearing of grass with cutlasses and mowers, My 21 Days MoMo followers with Women’s Associations, commercial motorbike riders, in markets, neighbourhoods…, everyone chose their activity, joined a team and in their respective regions, invested for the welfare of communities. At the Faculty of Industrial Engineering of the University of Douala and Advanced School of Posts and Telecommunications, there was the need to clean the exterior and interior of these establishments in order to prepare the installation of equipment MTN will offer them. MTN Cameroon’s CEO, Saim Yaksan, answered present to the call in Douala, and in a relaxed mood alongside employees, contributed to accomplish the tasks planned.

MTNers have once more proven that, Y’ello Care is in their DNA as testified by their joy and determination to cater for the population. Until 21 June, employees will continue to speak with their hearts and do what they do best: Care for their communities!

World Environment Day:  Let’s fight against plastic pollution!

MTN Cameroon joins the international community this Tuesday, 05 June  2018 to celebrate World Environment Day.

The theme of  this year is the fight against plastic pollution. This theme encourages  governments, industries, communities and individuals to jointly explore sustainable alternatives to urgently curb the  production and excessive use of plastics for a sole purpose,  responsible for polluting our waters and representing a threat to our health. According to official statistics from the Ministry of the Environment, plastic wastes are assessed at 10% the  six million  tons of wastes produced each day over the national territory. It is therefore urgent to act now.

Through its  benevolent programme dubbed 21 Days of Y’ello Care, MTN Cameroon  employees engaged in 2011, the cleaning of the Kondi drainage in Douala. Thousands of plastic bottles were extracted from the contaminated waters, the drainage was treated, and population sensitized on the urgent need to stop the pollution by plastics, veritable environmental scourge. In parallel  to this action led in the Littoral region, 2000 medicinal plants “Prunus Africa” were planted in the village of  Bwassa, South-West region in the same year for the wellbeing of  communities. These plants are used to fight against malaria and prostate cancer.

MTNC’s achievements in protecting the environment also include the reforestation project dubbed “A tree for life”, realized with WWF in the Northern regions. 250 000 trees were  planted with a survival rate of 75% to fight the degradation of natural resources in the North and Far North regions.

Manual Labour and Digital Financial Inclusion were on the #YelloCare menu on Saturday, 02 June 2018

June 2nd was rich in #YelloCare activities at MTN Cameroon. Employees, resolutely engaged to empower the youth, notably those interested in trades of the telecoms sector, did not hesitate to mobilize their energy on actions aimed at facilitating this operation.

From cleaning of servers, racks and other equipment to be offered to faculties and specialized institutes of higher learning in the telecoms domain on Friday, 01 June, staff cleaned the areas that will host these highly sensitive equipment on Saturday, 02 June at various institutions. In Douala and Yaounde, they were many, irrespective of their Departments and grades to participate with enthusiasm, as could be attested by the photos and comments shared.

Apart from the major cleanup, staff flooded several streets and markets of the Littoral, West, North-West and East regions to sensitize and educate communities on the use of Mobile Money which eases their daily life, thereby promoting banking for the unbanked and financial inclusion for all. These activities were realized in a fun-filled ambiance which left no one indifferent.

And you, what would you do this week? Register and participate in the development of your communities. Remember to post your engagement on Yammer and share your commitment to bettering lives around you with friends and colleagues. Together, let’s create a BRIGHTER future!!!

Network and Information Systems teams at the #YelloCare starting block

The bell rang this Friday 01 June  at 11 am at MTN Switch located in Douala; the dice is cast and  MTNers are ready to create a Brighter Future.


The IS and Network teams launched hostilities by cleaning the equipment to be offered to the faculties and advanced schools  in view of building their capacities in the telco domain.

Under the stewardship of  Inoussa Aoudi, Senior Manager ICT, about forty MTNers conducted the following tasks with no distinction of gender in a joyful ambiance:


  • Asset identification for donation and removal of some stickers on the assets
  • Dusting of servers and racks
  • Preparation, brushing and suction of the cables


Servers are clean and ready for donation at this moment, as confirmed by Gaston Patrick Endeme, Billing Manager, Information Systems.


Augustine Ewane, Service Management Manager, Information Systems was amongst those who participated in this activity. According to her, “I was thrilled to join colleagues in preparing material that will be offered to telco students. MTN is a very rich company because of the spirit of giving of its employees and I am excited to have contributed physically to make my community more digital through these gifts. As a bonus, I have great memories of the time spent with colleagues in doing this”.  Eric Koumtouzoua, Datacenter Coordinator, IS Infrastructure & Service Management on his part lauded the work done by the Yello Team. It was “Impeccable and the excitement grew as soon as colleagues knew the activity had started”.

Marketing team commits to #YelloCare programme

June is a very special month here at MTN. It’s our special month of caring. To mark the launch of our annual employee CSR programme this 1 June 2018, Marketing staff made it a point of duty to come in their 21 days attire and spread yello love and good cheer with colleagues.

They took this commitment one step further by posting fun #yellocare pictures on the programme’s Yammer page! According to Stephan Eteme, Marketing department #yellocare 2018 champion, “Marketing MTNC staff are proud to celebrate the first day of the 21 days of #YelloCare programme. Together, we’ll support and empower Youth and Communities in order to create a brighter future”.

Tomorrow is definitely an opportunity for all those who couldn’t participate in the programme’s launch event at the Douala Switch to do just this in our various regions across the country. And while you’re at it, engage with colleagues and share your pictures/ videos on the Yammer page of our #yellocare website: https://yellocare.mtn.cm/forum/

Together, let’s create a brighter future!

Our Keys to a Successful #YelloCare Programme

Our 2018 strategy is based on a judicious combination of traditional success factors and some bright innovations.

 As part of the traditional success factors, we should leverage on an exceptional staff mobilization at all levels of the company, a strong implication of the beneficiaries, good networking with commercial and institutional partners, the mandate of administrative authorities, a qualitative media engagement and a low-cost approach for activities.

Concerning the bright innovations, we hope that the projects selected for this year will have a high attractiveness rate internally and externally based on the particularities below:

  • All the projects are fully IT oriented
  • The staff onboarding application is an innovation
  • The high cost of IS and Network equipment
  • Hackathon competition will be the first of its kind in the country
  • We will take up the challenge of merging care with Business

In addition, remember that our various Departments will be competing against each other to drive staff mobilization and participation in the programme. Employees are also invited to use the 02 digital platforms designed to drive this engagement: MTN Cameroon #YelloCare website & #YelloCare Mobile App and to participate Physically / Materially / Financially.

Together, let’s create a brighter future!