World Environment Day:  Let’s fight against plastic pollution!

MTN Cameroon joins the international community this Tuesday, 05 June  2018 to celebrate World Environment Day.

The theme of  this year is the fight against plastic pollution. This theme encourages  governments, industries, communities and individuals to jointly explore sustainable alternatives to urgently curb the  production and excessive use of plastics for a sole purpose,  responsible for polluting our waters and representing a threat to our health. According to official statistics from the Ministry of the Environment, plastic wastes are assessed at 10% the  six million  tons of wastes produced each day over the national territory. It is therefore urgent to act now.

Through its  benevolent programme dubbed 21 Days of Y’ello Care, MTN Cameroon  employees engaged in 2011, the cleaning of the Kondi drainage in Douala. Thousands of plastic bottles were extracted from the contaminated waters, the drainage was treated, and population sensitized on the urgent need to stop the pollution by plastics, veritable environmental scourge. In parallel  to this action led in the Littoral region, 2000 medicinal plants “Prunus Africa” were planted in the village of  Bwassa, South-West region in the same year for the wellbeing of  communities. These plants are used to fight against malaria and prostate cancer.

MTNC’s achievements in protecting the environment also include the reforestation project dubbed “A tree for life”, realized with WWF in the Northern regions. 250 000 trees were  planted with a survival rate of 75% to fight the degradation of natural resources in the North and Far North regions.

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