#YelloCare H@ckathon: Youth empowerment through education

From 16-17 June, MTN Cameroon is gathering 35 young developers representing 7 Universities and institutions of higher learning from the cities of Buea, Douala and Yaounde, around a hackathon under the theme “Integration of mobile payments in applications” at GICAM (Cameroon Employers Union) in Douala.

Launching the event on 16 June, MTN Cameroon’s Chief Information Officer (CIO), Shoyinka Shodunke, stated that he was excited to see what the students would role out using the Mobile Money API. He also encouraged them to make the best of the opportunity and benefit from the expertise of those present to mentor them throughout the 2-day programme. The young developers were invited to think out of the box, be creative, have an open and positive attitude as they delve into MTN Cameroon’s digital world and discover the opportunities that exist for their personal growth and empowerment.

Before the competition commenced, the students were drilled on the importance of integrating the highest levels of security protocols into their work and the impact of security breeches to them as developers, but also to those who would use their applications.

The winners will be known on 17 June following presentations by the various teams to members of the jury of their prototypes to ease the integration of payments through Mobile Money on websites.

Together, we are creating a brighter future!

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